May 17

Plug and Play. We have learned from the music industry.

Songwriter, recording studio, producer, record company, marketing millions – forget it! This way is much too long and above all too expensive.

Justin Drew Bieber wanted to be a musician. He began with cover versions of popular songs. His mother was the one who made videos of them and posted them on YouTube.

In 2008, the American music manager Scooter Braun became aware of Bieber’s YouTube videos and Bieber got his first record deal. Today he is one of the international music industry’s top acts.

The example of Justin Bieber and the other named and unnamed artists who have come a long way by starting with little steps shows that unconventional thinking can make it possible to act at a significantly earlier time. It’s true. This approach may have taken a certain naivety. But it definitely took the belief that this is the way to get things moving more quickly.