May 17


Jürgen Gerdes

At Deutsche Post in Bonn, nobody had ever heard of a company called StreetScooter until those days in September 2011. This may, on the one hand, have been because the electrically operated StreetScooter made next to no sound, and on the other hand, the development company StreetScooter, a spin-off of the RWTH-Aachen University, was virtually unknown. At that time the professors and engineers from Aachen didn’t have any reputation to make their voices heard and get their StreetScooter project noticed in Bonn.

On September 15, 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the IAA in Frankfurt and also dropped by the StreetScooter GmbH booth. There, the first fully functional electric vehicle of
the same name was proudly on display. The Chancellor let Professor Achim Kampker explain it all
to her. Mrs. Merkel heard and saw something that delighted her: affordable mobility, new production technology, an innovation accelerator, and cost-effective lightweight. After Frankfurt, nothing was ever the same for the StreetScooter and for the guys around Prof. Kampker. Because after Chancellor Merkel had gotten into the small, cuddly city car, the German Post AG soon got on board too, and they did the same for the entire company.

The whole story can be read here.